List Of 15 Essay Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

College students must not depend on their teachers to feed them with every single topic when they are asked to compose an argumentative essay. They should take the initiative of making sure that they master how to draft a topic efficiently so that they can as well jot great data about it. In choosing or coming up with your own title, it is important to consider the following two things:

Understand what you want to write about

If you are not very sure about the context you have to restrict yourself in, you will have a difficult time. As a good student, you have to get argumentative essay materials such as books and journals and be sure on how each topic is composed. You can as well download samples from the internet. This will equip you with the necessary skills.

Learn about specificity

A great topic is one that is very specific to the type of essay. For instance, you have to restrict yourself to this type so that whatever you put down is relevant. You can as well get assistance from students who are ahead of you as they are well versed about this.

Give that you now understand what it means by an argumentative essay topic, consider the following pertinent examples:

  1. People who smoke should be taken to court for exposing the cigarette contents to non-smokers

  2. Wild animals in zoos should be allowed to live in the game parks

  3. People of the same gender should be allowed to get married

  4. Some of the technological gadgets that make people over depend on should be done away with

  5. The major right for an individual is not having privacy

  6. Drank drivers should be charged by law and be prohibited to continue their career

  7. The government should encourage letter writing to avoid over depended on mobile phones

  8. Military people should also have an opportunity to strike for their rights

  9. College students should be allowed to shift from one course to another

  10. Exams should be eliminated as methods of testing understanding of individual students

  11. Teachers who help students to steal exams should be charged in a court of law

  12. All students should have an equal right to apply financial assistance

  13. Every student should learn a foreign language to better their knowledge

  14. Orphan students should have their school fees paid by the government

  15. The minimum period to stay in college should be lowered to three Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.