Creating A Brilliant Essay: General Rules To Be Observed

An essay is a showcase for your discourse on a topic. It is a means of communicating your ideas in a coherent form to your readers. The method of communication is as important a consideration as the content of it. The form and content of an essay together determine the overall impact of it. To create an essay that effectively conveys your ideas you will need to present them in a form most easily comprehensible to people. The formal essay is structured on this premise. There is no rocket science involved in writing a brilliant essay. If you follow the general rules listed here, you can also write an essay par excellence:

  1. Select a good topic: This should be your primary focus if given carte blanche to choose your own. Your topic should be current, relevant to life, and useful for your readers. It is essential that you choose a topic you are familiar with and understand in some depth. If you are to write an argument type essay, pick an issue or question that is close to you heart. Your interest ensures your essay’s success.
  2. Brainstorm and prepare an outline before you write the essay: Starting to write an essay without thoroughly thinking and organizing your ideas can result in a bunch of disconnected phrases and sentences. Reflect and jot down all the ideas you have. Refine the thoughts and research for evidence. Now prepare an outline of your essay. An outline is the sketch you paint within the limits of. This prevents you to digress from the path leading to a superb conclusion. Your outline should contain the hook or attention grabber you are going to use in the beginning of your introductory paragraph, your position or thesis, and the main points you are going to present. Each main point should be connected with at least one piece of supporting evidence. The outline should preferably include the transitional sentences that will connect the various paragraphs with each other.
  3. You can now begin working on the essay. You might want to write the body of the essay before writing the introduction. Write a main point and its supporting point along with the transitional sentences to form one complete paragraph.
  4. The introduction is considered the most difficult part of writing an essay, and for good reason. It is right in the beginning that you make or break your essay. A good introduction ensures your readers interest and participation in reading as an active task. Your first line should grab the attention of the reader and the next sentences should build on it, introducing the topic and your main ideas on it.
  5. Conclude your essay in words that reflect and complete the introduction. This does not mean you are to repeat yourself. It means that you now present your conclusion in the light of th Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.