Top 18 Narrative Essay Topics Ideas To Boost Your Creativity

There are certain topics that you are given to write about in school, whose context is all about your creativity. One of the most common in this respect has to be a narrative essay. Perhaps one of the main reasons why teachers like to do this, is because for such a paper, the challenge is left to the student to decide what they want to do.

Everything about such a paper depends on the perspective that you want to take. You can therefore have a few moments before you start writing, to think about what you really want to talk about, then present your case. The following are some easy ideas that can assist you in this task:

  1. Discuss some of the memories you had as a child, which you have not forgotten

  2. Explain the concept of nicknames

  3. Discuss something you ever received in a mail, which changed your life

  4. Select any object(s) that you can use to tell the story of your life

  5. Discuss how your favorite childhood book/TV characters influenced your life

  6. Explain any activities you did as a child, that you would carry on to your kids

  7. Discuss any possessions you had as a child which still mean a lot to you today

  8. Explain some important lessons you learned about life as a teenager

  9. Discuss some of the personal achievements you have managed, which make you proud

  10. Taking stock of your life at the moment, what are you proud of?

  11. Discuss why you believe the other generations do not understand your generation

  12. Explain some important lessons that you believe the rest of the world would benefit from, if they were only open to listening and learning from your generation

  13. Discuss how technology has changed your life, positively and negatively Explain your concept of a home, a community, a house, a family and a society, highlighting the difference between these institutions

  14. Discuss why it is important for parents and children to foster stronger and closer ties

  15. Discuss the concept of helicopter parents. Explain what it means, and how this becomes a challenge for the parents, the kids and the society as a whole around this kind of a setup

  16. Explain how someone you know got dragged into the drug menace, and what could have been done to avoid this

  17. Discuss who you are as a person, to someone you are just meeting for the first time Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.