A List Of Compelling Argumentative Topics For Essays

You were assigned to write an argumentative essay, but you are afraid that you will not get a top grade. Don’t be, what you need is a good topic and some guidelines and you are set you to get a top grade on your project. You will see that when a right approach is taken that you work will go much faster and easier than ever. Read on to get some advice for your task, and a list of topics will be provided below.

Selecting a topic

  • Interesting topic – a sure way to get a good grade or your homework is to make it interesting and worth reading. Feel free to write about something that gets a lot of attention in public. That way you are sure to write about something that has a lot of opinions about it. This will make your work much easier and it will go faster.

  • Information – available information is the key to a top grade. If you find it hard to get sources about your task the work will go slower. Choose something that has people on both sides, this way you will find information in articles, books and other sources much easier and with a lot of different takes on it.

  • Recent – what people like is to talk about something that is new and fresh. So make sure to write about recent event and issues. Something like recent political events, television shows or sports events. But don’t shy away from topics that are old but still relevant, smoking is one thing that is a hot issue in most countries.

If you still find it hard to prepare for your assignment, then here are some topics that will get you or your way:

  • Do we need to ban smoking?

  • What is the best way to motivate students?

  • Talk about advantages and disadvantages of working out every day.

  • Basketball or football witch is the better?

  • Online gaming addiction or a good way to spend your time?

  • Should you be active during your holidays?

  • Best way to spend weekends.

  • Mma a thing to stay or a thing to go away in 10 years?

  • Who is the best boxer in history?

  • Would 1996 Bulls beat 2016 Golden State Warriors?

  • Michael Jordon best basketball player of all time?

  • Is reality television worth watching?

  • Is Facebook a good way to get information? Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.