Where To Look For Outstanding Topics For An Argumentative Essay

One Google search will give you millions of results for your argumentative essay topic but most of them are the same one over and over again or on horrible overdid topics. You want to avoid topics on abortion, capital punishment, lowing the drinking age, homeschooling, and doing homework. These are just some of the topics that have been overdone. If you are looking at one of these sites and the topic sounds boring or too easy then you shouldn’t do that one. There are still some good topics out there that haven’t been overdone and here are just a few that you can use or at least get an idea of what topic is best for you.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Going to Prom, is it worth it? Many students look forward to going to prom but there are a few that find it not worth it. Look at both sides of the argument and give all the facts to back up each side of the argument. You can also do a survey at your school to see who is going and why or why not they are going.
  • Apps, do they help you or just waste time? There are apps for everything these days and people are always on there phones playing them. But are they helpful or a waste of time? You can choose a few apps to study and present your arguments on.
  • Has television become stronger over the years or obsolete? With the rise of the Internet, many people are doing away with things like cable because most TVs have the Internet built into them. This allows the users to watch things like Netflix and other streaming sites and some people even have boxes like Roku and Apple TV to use to watch.
  • Do parents have different standards for their daughters and sons? Most parents see their children as mini versions of themselves, which can be good and bad at the same time. This is because they might want their kids to take up things they did when they were younger or treat them both differently because of their gender.
  • Has baseball become boring? It is known as America’s pastime but in recent years the ticket sales of this sport have gone down drastically. What is the cause for this? Will baseball ever come back from it’s slum? You can also look at why football is more popular than baseball. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.