Top 27 Inspiring Expository Essay Topics To Choose From

Expository essays are a significant part of an academic curriculum.

If you are looking for a wide range of such ideas that can suit your taste, interest and study levels, check out the following list-

  1. What you can do to make people living in your proximity contented? State, if it is possible, to make everybody smile at a very same time while keeping yourself happy too?

  2. How to organise an impressive birthday party?

  3. Why you should avoid talking with strangers?

  4. What are the benefits of watching television?

  5. How music cools your mind?

  6. What is the recipe of staying satisfied?

  7. Describe the atmosphere of your classroom during a monotonous lecture?

  8. How life of a child in dormitory is different from a child living with parents?

  9. How optimism can lead to success?

  10. How nasty weather can lead to turmoil in life?

  11. How different is your weekend from other mornings?

  12. How plastic bags are devastating the lives of humans, animals and the environment?

  13. How lack of communication leads to lots of misunderstanding?

  14. What would happen if humans would start shifting on other planet? What would be the mode of communication between Earth and Mars?

  15. What changes would you like to bring in your life?

  16. Why rules are important in our life?

  17. Write an essay why you felt so special on xxx day or date?

  18. Why you feel that xxx book is so interesting?

  19. Which is your ideal job and why?

  20. “All the fingers in our hand are not equal”. Describe this statement in context of siblings and their degree of affection with parents.

  21. Write a beautiful description of your town and explain it to your cousin.

  22. How would be life without electronic gadgets? Describe its benefits and disadvantages in context of adults, old age people and kids? Are the gadgets impacting the health of all in highly negative way or are fruitful for our lives? Why?

  23. Why you feel that school days are unforgettable. Cite your journey stating some special incidences.

  24. Why you think that presence of friends can make someone’s life significant?

  25. If you become an astronaut some day, what would you like to do?

  26. What is the most significant invention on earth according to you?

  27. Should we increase or decrease the syllabus of school? Discuss the benefits and loopholes of both the situations?

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