Writing An American History Essay: How To Dress Your Paper Up

When you are writing an American history essay, you can dress your paper up by following the general structure as lay out by your project details. No matter the type of paper you're writing, need to have an introduction, a body, and conclusion.

  • The introduction of your paper serves to frame the argument. Your argument is also known as the thesis. The introductory paragraph needs to contain your thesis statement. You can place your thesis statement at the beginning of the introductory paragraph or at the end. But do not place it somewhere in the middle, for fear that it will get lost. The introduction needs to grab the attention of your reader. The introduction is there to serve as a roadmap. This roadmap tells the reader what they will encounter along their journey through your paper.
  • You should have one sentence in your introductory paragraph that corresponds to each of the body paragraphs your paper contains. For example: if you have three body paragraphs, then your introduction should contain three sentences dedicated to explaining what those paragraphs are about. You can take wording from your topic sentence for each of the body paragraphs and integrated into the introduction for better flow. Remember to, that your introduction is the first thing the readers will see, and it will also be the last if you fail to hook their attention. You can open with something such as a startling statistic or quotation from an expert in the field.
  • Each of your body paragraphs should be roughly the same length. It is important for you to review the number of sentences you have any ideas you are presenting each of your body paragraphs. Each paragraph in your essay should cover one idea and one idea alone. If you are reading through your body paragraphs and you find that one paragraph is significantly longer than the others, chances are you have included more than one idea in the argument. In this case, it is up to you to breakdown the larger paragraph into smaller more manageable paragraphs. On the other hand, if you find that one paragraph is particularly smaller than the others, for example it is only two sentences, then it is up to you to add bulk to the paragraph or two somehow integrate your smaller paragraph into the larger paragraphs.
  • When you have your body text complete, it is time to write the conclusion. The conclusion works in conjunction with your introduction to frame your core argument. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.