Effective Advice For Writing An Expository Essay On Junk Food

Expository essays are just one of the kinds of papers that you will have to learn to write in school. In order to learn how to write one well, you first have to learn what they are—expository papers are ones in which the students explores an idea, evaluates it, and evaluates evidence around it. It is different than a research paper in that it requires you to do your own analysis and come up with your own point of view, and is different than an argumentative or opinion paper in that you are first and foremost exploring an idea and the evidence used to support or deny it.

Expository essays can be written about practically any subject. Some of the best are ones that are somehow controversial and that most people have a personal relationship with. Junk food is one such topic—different people have different definitions of what junk food is, and different people have different views on how junk food should be approached. This makes it a great topic for an expository paper.

Follow this effective advice on how to write an expository paper on junk food:

  • Narrow down your topic
  • Junk food is far too broad a topic for a paper, so you’ll need to narrow it down some in order to be able to craft a successful paper around it. In order to do this, try to focus in on a specific aspect of junk food. For instance, you could explore how junk food is regulated by the government, or you could explore how the ingredients of junk food, like high fructose corn syrup, were developed over time.

  • Explore all the evidence around it
  • As you do research for your paper you will almost find many different kinds of sources for your paper. Try to pick ones that offer a well rounded view of the information and evidence available for your topic. Then you’ll need to explore that evidence—using your own point of view, evaluate how strong the evidence is and how compelling it is.

  • Use credible sources
  • When it comes to finding opinions on a topic like junk food, it is very important to use credible sources only. There are thousands of blogs and websites on the internet offering opinions about what is junk food and what isn’t, what the effects of junk food are, and how it should be approached from a regulatory standpoint. Try to stick only to credible sources like the FDA or CDC. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.