Starting A Compare And Contrast Essay: Expert Advice

If you are still studying you are likely to encounter different types of essays which make a significant part of your curriculum. And each type is important and helps you in developing better writing and analytical skills. Amongst the most common types is the compare and contrast essay. In this type of writing you would have to write on two ideas or things which are related or similar to each other in some way and at the same time have contrasting features as well. Because of this reasons such type of essays are termed as the compare and contrast.

The main motive behind assigning the students with the compare and contrast essays is to analyze their critical thinking skills and to encourage them to think beyond what they read. If you are able to compare and contrast between any two things or ideas, then that implies you are thinking deeply over it and you are also able to realize the differences and similarities in their characteristics.

Starting a compare and contrast essay: expert advice

To start with, you must first decide upon your subjects. The subjects that you select must have similarities and dissimilarities which would be discussed in the essay. After you are done selecting your subject for the compare and contrast writing, you should start working on the thesis and the paper. If you want your paper to be technically flawless and bear all the essentials then the following tips would be really helpful.

  • The points of comparison and contrast between the subjects should be something new and witty in nature.
  • The essay starts with an introduction which introduces the two subjects that would be compared and contrasted.
  • The introduction also offers a thesis argument and 3 distinct points for the purpose of comparison which would be elaborated later on in the body of the paper.
  • Make sure that the points of your arguments are not too long. These points would be discussed in body elaborately.
  • You can organize the paper based on subject to subject organization or point to point organization.
  • Make sure that you have prepared a strong thesis for your paper. The thesis an essential part of your writing and should be able to deliver all the necessary details that are required before moving on to the body.
  • Keep the argument wittily succinct and do not divulge too much in the introduction itself. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.