Problem Solving And Decision Making

Everyday we face hundreds of problems and make hundreds of decisions which affect our life in ways which may not even become apparent for years to come. These are decisions which we make with little to no effort, but how do some people make more profound decisions in the same amount of time? How can complex problems be solved as easily as the problem of where to fit in a haircut? Some people just have the ability to do so, others work through a set order of questions in order to arrive at a speedy answer.

The old tip is if you want to solve a problem, you have to look at it from all directions. Cliched as it is, this is solid advice. If you make a decision with tunnel vision and no foresight, you are likely going to end up in an unpleasant situation. You should not only "how will this affect me?" but also "how will this affect those around me?" If you fail to do this, you are almost guaranteeing yourself more problems in the future.

It is also suggested that you try to break each problem down into smaller problems. Try to identify the root of the problem and see if you can solve that. The likelihood is, one you have found the cause of a problem, it will easier to solve. Of course, this may take some time. It can be quite tedious, like trying to find the head vampire. The problem will eventually be solved, but perhaps not in the most timely manner possible.

Problem solving and decision making is not something which requires a leap of faith or a great deal of courage. Every decision you make should be based on logic and reason rather than on a gut feeling. Dull as it sounds, you will make you non-love life a lot easier if you listen to your brain and not your heart. Consider the two to be science and religion. They are totally incompatible and will both reach a conclusion totally insane to the other.

There is no way to avoid experiencing problems in life. You will have to make difficult decisions which will affect more than just you. It's all part of being an adult. One must remember that most problems can be solved quickly if you sit down and really think it over for a couple of minutes. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.