Should Electoral College Be Abolished? The Answer Is No

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The average person does not have the intellectual capacity to choose the president, and with the advent of social media, one can experience confusion that now every person of America has sufficient education and enlightenment. Perceived educational assets could aid them in terms of selecting the president. The websites connecting people majorly constitute the global community, but these platforms do not have any mechanism to measure intelligence of the audience. The voting system that would take public opinion as a basis for electing the leader would result in a disaster because the people would not evaluate the candidate’s history, mindset, and his potential to serve the society.

People do not have access to the candidates’ medical and educational records, and they would select the president based on rumors those float in the society ad on social media about him, and therefore, the subsequent selection would not qualify as scientific in nature. On the other hand, Electoral College would take the psychological profiles of the candidates into account along with their personal histories. The person who has offered great degree of social service during his predated political career would have the honor of becoming a president of the nation.

Conventional voting system does not give proper weight to the educational and intellectual backgrounds of the voters, and the mechanism would only count the number of persons who voted in favor of a certain candidate, and contestant with larger amount of people supporting his candidature would win the leadership of an entire nation.


The suggestion of closing down the Electoral College would manifest itself as a greatest cruelty to the next generations in the future. The future generations would not possess the ability to forgive their elders for a gravest mistake that they had committed by shutting the Electoral College to send the country of America into political chaos to say the least. This paper has covered an important decision that Americas as a nation are facing, as they are confronting the choice of letting the Electoral College operate or not. The present work recommends that Electoral College should operate in its normal capacity into the future. The institution has to add the educational mission to its charter as well. The Electoral College is a shield against letting a wrong person to lead the nation. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.