The Bad Habit Of Smoking

For the first time smokers, the first puff is not always that appealing. The first taste is an awful and one many cough uncontrollably for some time after taking the first puff. I believe this first experience should be enough to let many people knock off smoking. Unfortunately, many youths are willing to try a second time. This is never irritating for the first time and they end up liking it. The bad thing is that they are getting themselves into a big mess that may be difficult to pull out of. Many people who smoke get the habit from their peers or from some groups of celebrities or other people that they adore. They think that it is fun to take that puff and then release the smoke into the atmosphere. With time, many become addicted and it becomes part of them. Smoking helps them calm down and they become slaves. Cigarette smoking is a bad habit. Despite this, it has many health risks.

Health Risks

Smoking does not only affect the smoker but those close to the smoker. Non smokers that have smoking close people that they spend a lot of time together are likely to be affected by virtually all diseases that affect the direct smoker. It is bad when one picks up a habit that does not only cause harm to himself only but also to those close to them and especially those that they love. Smoking has been listed as the number one cause of lung cancer in the world. Smoking also increases the risk of suffering from a heart attack. Research shows that smoking has a negative effect on the blood vessels. This leads to poor blood circulation to all parts of the body. The arms and the legs are the most affected. Smoking may at times lead to gum diseases.

Other effects

Smokers are left with a very bad odor in their breath, skin and hair. Their clothes also have a bad smell that is not very pleasant. Non smokers that are close to smokers will also be affected by the smoke that the release to the atmosphere. It is twice as dangerous as the first smoke inhaled by the smokers themselves. Smoking is a bad habit that is very hard to stop. Due to caffeine, it is addictive. Those willing to quit smoking have to put in a lot of effort. Quitting smoking may be very expensive depending on the level of addiction. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.