Basic Guidelines For Writing A 4-Paragraph Persuasive Essay

In a persuasive essay, you are trying to convince the reader or get them to see your point of view. You’ll have to have good arguments and sound logic. That is, it must flow consistently without any contradictions.


You must make adequate preparations before writing your essay. This will be the most important step in writing your essay.

  • Convince yourself
  • You must be absolutely convinced of your idea. Have no doubts regarding your position. If possible, address yourself out loud. State your position and why you hold that position.

  • Your audience
  • Consider your audience and decide what type of arguments they will buy or accommodate. Always keep them in mind as they will be the ones to question and consider how persuasive your essay is.

  • Your materials
  • Think of what evidence you have gathered. Your research should be adequate and cover all key areas of your idea or topic. Leave no stone unturned.

  • The opposing opinion
  • Put yourself in the position of someone opposing your argument. Consider the things that they would say. Challenge every strong point that you have. This will prepare you to have strong points that can beat all opposing arguments.

Writing your essay

  • In the first paragraph, begin by stating your position and highlighting the major points that the paper will cover. Have a sentence stating strongly what you point of view is.

  • In the second paragraph explain your strong points convincingly. Begin with the strongest and end with the weakest point. Use strong words such as the only known, the best-proven technique, and the most highly recommended product. You can cite researchers and experts who share your point of view.

  • In the third paragraph, tactfully disprove any arguments that you have pre-empted. You can state an argument that has been raised in the past and how research and various experiments have disproved it. Just gloss over this as you don’t want to raise doubts. You only want to make your points shine brighter.

  • In the last paragraph, summarise your key points. State each briefly and how it has contributed to the said position. Ensure that you begin with your strongest point. You can leave out the weaker arguments here.

A persuasive essay thus does not need to be a difficult assignment. The key is to choose your topic well. Gather as many strong points as possible and present them logically. Disprove arguments and lead the audience to your point of view. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.