Marriage Is For Everyone

This statement is worded in the affirmative. However, although an accepted view to a large extent by the masses in upholding the traditional structure of family and the sanctity of the institution of marriage, it is debatable as to whether marriage is truly for everyone. In modern times, it is increasingly viewed as a matter of choice in some cultures and in others, it is compelled by the practices of those cultures. The blatant reality is that it is the norm for most people in most cultures, to choose to marry. There are certain aspects to marriage that are traditional in nature and have not gone out of fashion even today. These are the common perceptions that if successful, it creates stability, opportunity for companionship, forges the bond between a couple, produces children in a manner deemed to be legal and legitimate under the laws of many jurisdictions spanning across a multitude of cultures etc.. There is also the perceived notion that it provides security in old age in the sense of the presence of potential caregivers in the form of family members. The desire for companionship and some sense of perceived security whether financial in nature or otherwise creates the need for the institution of marriage.

There are many factors that may contribute to the success or failure of marriage in the sense of its longevity or resilience. There is no guarantee that it will be successful in the sense of fulfilling the needs of the couple and the children born to them in the marriage. There are risks that the married couple would naturally understand and the fact that a successful marriage requires teamwork and co-operation between the spouses. The fact of compatibility of personalities also features greatly in dictating the success or failure of the marriage. It is seldom the case when a state of equity or equilibrium is achieved by the couple at all times during the marriage and hence, in order to adapt to different personalities and expectations that may result in conflict at times, there is the need to compromise, forgive, be tolerant of certain faults etc.. These are matters which through the course of time may test the stability and resilience of the married couple. In view of the multitude of factors that could pose a challenge to the institution of marriage, marriage may not be suited for everyone. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.