Basic Characteristics Of The 8th Grade Expository Essay Format

When an 8th grade student is asked to write an expository essay, he or she is invariably being asked to discuss in full details, a given issue while at the same time, enlightening the readers on current or groundbreaking discoveries that have been made concerning the issue or topic of discussion. Getting the right information for your essay if very crucial but so also is making sure that your paper is in the right format. What better way to impress your tutor but to present your essays in the right format and structure? By doing this, you are clearly letting them know that you are a serious student and willing to learn more from them.

This is something you really want to do but you are not quite sure how to go about it. Listed below are some of the basic characteristics that should not lack in your expository essay format. They are as follows:

  • Cover Page: The cover page contains your name on the first line with your tutor’s name written underneath. The next thing to follow is the title and course code. Finally, the submission date comes last.

  • Proper Margins: You should maintain the right margin settings for your paper which is 1” both top, bottom and the two sides of the paper.

  • Font Size and Type: The normal font size for writing your academic papers is font size number 12 while the normal font type is Times New Roman.

  • Line Spacing: The appropriate line spacing for essays and other academic papers is double line spacing and nothing less or more.

  • Alignment: The headings of your expository essay should be left-aligned. On this note, each new heading should be written or typed from the left side and not centralized or right-aligned.

  • Paragraphs: Each new paragraph should have two line spaces between it and the previous paragraphs. This has a unique way of making your work look neat and inviting to read.

  • Page Numbering: If your numbering is at the top right hand corner of your page, maintain the same method throughout the rest of the pages.

  • Proper Citation: This is a very important characteristic of every academic paper. It is important that in crediting the sources through which you gathered the information for your paper, that you do it correctly. MLA format is mostly used.

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