How To Write An Academic Essay Using An Example?

Are you wondering how will you create your academic essay if this is your first time? Do you want to use an essay example for your academic essay? Do you think it will be easy to follow format and style if you have an example?

This article will guide you to academic essay writing via single example discussed as follows:

Example Topic:

How to make your resume for job applications?

Step by Step Guide:

  1. First of all write the topic on your document and mention your name, subject and date.
  2. It’s optional to write a prologue.
  3. Academic essays do not involve thesis statements because you’re not claiming anything.
  4. Prepare an outline for your essay which will serve as a supporting structure while you’re actually writing the essay.
  5. Your start off by introducing your topic. Give a brief definition of “Resume” to acquaint your reader with the terminology.
  6. Rather than jumping directly to the steps, you first have to give a little background of resume writing. Why is it required by the organizations? What purpose does it serve? What are the popular practices in the industry regarding resume writing? Do people hire professionals to build their resumes? Is it a time taking task?
  7. Now you’ll develop a step by step manual for your audience. While doing so you have to keep in mind that your readers have no prior knowledge of the issue at hand and you are going to teach them resume writing through this academic essay.
  8. Your essay should include bullets, headings and subheadings, roman numerals and other visual conventions to make it more reader friendly. If you breakdown the components, your reader will be able to understand it and remember it in a much better way.
  9. Ina addition to the procedures you should also attach a sample picture of a Resume which they can take as a standard frame of reference. It’ll be easier for them to understand this way when they have a visual free sample attached along which they can refer to back and forth.
  10. Give some cautions or warning. For example state some common mistakes people make while resume writing.
  11. Your essay is done now. Proofread it and look for errors which is found must be corrected immediately.
  12. Format your essay and it’s ready for submission. It’s advisable to add a cover page if it’s a formal submission. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.