A List of Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for You to Choose From

Argumentative essay assignments usually require students to investigate a specific topic – to gather, generate and evaluate evidence, while establishing a clear position on that topic. It is a popular type of essay writing that can be assigned anywhere from middle school to college. One trick to writing a great argumentative essay is to find topic you truly care about, one that you can become passionate about and research thoroughly. Here is a list of 8 controversial argumentative essay topics for your consideration:

  1. Should the military be allowed to recruit in high schools? Some military schools look toward lower income communities to recruit, offering opportunities that many graduating high school students won’t have as they begin their adult lives.
  2. Do colleges put too much value on standardized tests? This is a debate that has gone on for several years. Much opposition has begun with school resources lacking to teach certain populations the skills needed to do well in these tests.
  3. Is child behavior better or worse than it was a decade ago? Is it more difficult to raise and discipline a child today than say a few years ago? Do children believe their own behavior is acceptable in today’s society?
  4. At what point should parents let teens make their own decisions? Teens are considered adults at 18 years of age, but some laws allow for them to take responsibility as early as 16. Should parents allow teens make their own decisions and face consequences at an earlier age?
  5. Is the taxation system in the U.S. fair? The taxation system in the U.S. allows for large corporations to take advantage of a number of tax breaks in order to inspire reinvestment in business and help stimulate the economy. But many individuals in the middle and lower income believe this approach is unethical and actually widens the gap between the rich and the lower classes.
  6. Is global climate change truly man-made or is it inevitable? There is clear evidence that the world has gradually become warmer in the last couple of decades but a debate still exists as to what the cause for this is. What is your position?
  7. Are state lotteries good ideas toward generating income? State lotteries are a form of legalized gambling, but many people fall into a cycle they can’t recover from. So are the funds generated by state lotteries worth the financial problems many citizens find themselves in?
  8. Does access to birth control prevent teen pregnancy? Does birth control reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy or does it send a negative message about when teens are considered old enough to make the choice for themselves? Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.