10 Inspiring Ideas For Writing An Essay About Philosophy Of Life

If you need help to find an idea about writing a freelance essay or dissertation with regards the philosophy of life, here are some ideas that will help you to get the creative juices flowing. However, a freelance philosophy thesis requires a lot of homework in the form of research conducted. You cannot complete your homework on a topic loosely written or just by gleaning through some words. Proper research is needed before you start your thesis – be it the end of term one or even mid-term dissertation:

  1. You can write your dissertation on principles such as the principle of sufficient reason where you can elaborate on that as per this philosophy everything happens due to a reason.

  2. You can write about the dualities of life and that everything is not moral black and white. There are shades of gray to everything. What is good is perhaps a mean or average between two bads. Excess of anything is bad.

  3. You can write about the falsification principle which states that theory can only be called scientific if you are aware of what disproves it.

  4. The theory of ought implies where action can only be taken and should be taken when reason commands it

  5. The principle of evidence which states that weaker evidence cannot destroy stronger evidence.

  6. The principle of charity where people should be given credit and their meanings should be interpreted in ways that will give them the most credit and rationale.

  7. The difference principle states that inequality should be permissible if the worst off members are benefitted. For example, if the rich are allowed to get richer, the chances of the poor getting richer will be possible rather than holding the rich back.

  8. The morality of war is another philosophical principle that can be written about. When is it justified to wage war?

  9. You could write your thesis on Cyrenaics, which states that the knowledge and experience of a person are only based and subjective to their experience and therefore truth is personal.

  10. The ten doctrines of mohism can be written about as also the cynics who say that people need to follow what they believe is right and wrong and not what social norms tells them. One can even find great essays to write about either the pros or cons of nihilism Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.