David and Goliath


No one is immune to challenges. We all face them regardless of who we are in society. To tackle and confront any difficulty, it is necessary for one to weigh their strengths against the odds they face to determine their chances of success. Many a times however, people often underrate and fail to appreciate that the single most important factor to conquering any challenge—is attitude. In David and Goliath , a short legendary biblical story, this paper seeks to look at the important life lessons we can learn and draw from it.

The story summary

David and Goliath is a legendary biblical story about the two armies of the Israelites and Philistines. They had stepped into the battle field but the odds were tilted in favour of the Philistines by a champion and army leader named Goliath. Goliath mocked and taunted the Israelites for being too frail and afraid to fight him. A forty days standoff ensued until a young boy named David sent by his father to bring food to his elder brothers in war came by. He was bemused that none in his brothers’ camp of army men was bold enough to face the gigantic man. Anytime Goliath would step out, the entire Israelite army men would take to their heels to flee. David offered himself out to fight Goliath even after everyone including the king dismissed him as a little boy. To the bewilderment of all, David armed with a sling and stone would kill Goliath to lead Israelites to victory.


This story seeks to strengthen and inspire every reader to never underestimate their abilities. It reminds of how often we are blinded to fail to see within us and instead look at others. It is an interesting insight that the entire two armies failed to look into their full potentials and instead focused on just one man, Goliath. This scenario, teaches us two very important lessons. First, teamwork and leadership are two important factors of success. Secondly, both teamwork and leadership are of equal importance. The Israelites lacked a leader and they could not make a move. The Philistines lacked teamwork and they pitched all their hope on one individual. David shows extra ordinary courage and trust in God to lead and win the battle.


This story teaches us very important life lessons. We should always avoid to be like the two armies who appeared to lack inspiration and ideas leading to a standoff. Instead, we should endeavour to seek leadership and work as a team to win results. Secondly, just like David, we should seek to build a positive attitude in ourselves. We should learn to trust and let what we believe in inspire and lead us in any difficult circumstance. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.