Human beings are social organisms. This means that human beings need to have friendship with others to as to live a moral life. In other words, people need one another to survive. People’s psychology functions well when their social requirements are met. Therefore, the deprival of human social needs leads to loneliness. Loneliness is a situation whereby the individual feels isolated from the rest of the world. However, it is not really that a person physically isolated from others, but might be going through situations which makes him or her feel as if the whole world has turned against him or her. Therefore, a person can be within a group but still lonely.

Causes of Loneliness

Just like any other human disorder, loneliness has no age limit. Both young and old people can experience feel lonely in various situations. However, to peer pressure and desire to be like others in the youth, young people are more exposed to loneliness experiences. Consequentially, loneliness increases suicidal thoughts in young people during adolescence stage.

Loneliness can never be viewed as abnormal experience despite its negative effects on human beings. In fact, at various occasions such as break-up with a lover of a friend, when left out of in social meeting, when a person moves in a new location where nobody is known to him or her, or a person close to you pass away, someone can feel lonely. Therefore, loneliness is real.

Impacts of Loneliness on Human Health

Generally, loneliness leads to development of stress or mental discomfort. Loneliness grows from continued consciousness of lack of socialization. This mental consciousness play significant role psychological functioning of people. It makes people look disturbed and unhappy. Loneliness makes individuals feel distanced, isolated from others and deprived which tears away their emotional well-being.

According to research, when the social needs of a person is not achieved, the person tends to fall apart psychologically and also physically at extreme ends. Loneliness thus affects both mental and physical body. Loneliness has got serious impacts on the human health which includes high blood pressure, psychological disorders and even death may occur as a result.

Despite the cognitive negative impacts of loneliness in human health, loneliness has no specific medication due to its diverse cause. However, just like stress and other mental disorders, loneliness medication requires a broad approach which involves therapy, individual or group consolations, and participation in various social activities such as sports to keep the individual active. This minimizes the chances of developing loneliness related illnesses as well as suicidal thoughts. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.