Sam Houston and the American Southwest


Sam Houston is no doubt a prominent figure in the history of American. He particularly played an instrumental role in the development of American Southwest. His place in the history of America was cemented on April 21, 1836; the day he led his men in defeating the Mexican Army consequently securing independence for Texas. Defeating General Antonio Lopez De Santa Ann army to secure independence for Texas opened up numerous opportunities for Houston political career. A case in point is the fact that he was voted the President of the Republic of Texas later on in that year. He took a break from presidency after his first term (1836-1838) and later became president in 1841-1844.

Houston possessed certain unique traits that contributed to his success in Texas. He exhibited most of these traits during his formative years, while leaving in Tennessee. Leaving with Cherokee Indians and observing firsthand the effects of war encouraged Houston to think in a practical, grounded, and levelheaded manner. His military prowess was exhibited during the War of 1812. In essence, his earlier life prepared him for the challenges and accomplishment he faced later on in his life. For instance, leaving with Cherokee Indians equipped him with skills that proved essential during his leadership tenure in Texas. His military prowess arguably contributed to him being elected commander-in-chief of the armies of Texas.

Houston irrefutably faced numerous challenges as the first president of a new independent state. For instance, Mexican Government and other nations were reluctant to recognize Texas as an independent state. The state also faced significant financial challenges. There was also hostility between native Texans and the rising number of settlers. Fortunately, Houston was arguably up to the task. He adopted cautionary policies that promoted peace and protected Texas from falling into further debt. Achieving success was not easy. Houston largely dependent on annexation to the USA, but he is effort did not bear fruit instantly. However, in 1845 Texas was finally accepted as the twenty-eighth state of the United States of America.


Sam Houston contribution to the development of American Southwest is significant. It would take volumes of books to list down his contribution. His contribution can however be highlighted in a nutshell through the role he played in making Texas an independent state, and the role he played in ensuring it is part of the United States of America. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.