Essay Writing Prompts For College: 20 Debatable Questions

Are you on a mission to complete an essay for college, but have no idea how to come up with a question that is worthy of debate? There are many possible topics that you can select, and you just need to find the right approach so that you can do so without much hassle. When the correct question is selected you’ll be able to complete the project without much of a problem. With that thought in mind, here are 20 questions that you could use as the topic of your college essay:

  1. Is chocolate good or bad when eaten every week?

  2. Are eggs on a daily basis a good or bad food to eat?

  3. Is global warming a real or made up world problem?

  4. How can the obesity crisis for teenagers in the western world be cured?

  5. Who should be in charge of solving the global warming problem?

  6. What should world leaders do to improve the economy of the world?

  7. How can the obesity crises for adults in the western world be cured?

  8. Is the increase in people entering higher education a good or bad thing?

  9. Is the popularity of the internet a bad or good thing?

  10. How can we improve the state of our relationships as a society?

  11. Are we becoming more disconnected from our loved ones because of technology?

  12. Who should be placed in charge of solving the obesity problem?

  13. What kind of foods should most people be made to eat to lead healthier lives?

  14. What kind of subjects should high school students be enticed to study more?

  15. How can the way we receive mortgage be made more responsible?

  16. What is the most popular sports person in the world?

  17. How are the societies between the western world and the rest of the world different?

  18. What are the most important things we can learn when we visit mars in person?

  19. What is the value of going to the moon on a regular basis?

  20. Is there any reason for why we should visit mars in person?

These titles are just some suggestions to keep in mind. If you try hard enough you’ll see that there are plenty more you can go with. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.