The Most Inspiring Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Music

So, you have to write a compare and contrast essay on music and are mulling over the best topics to pick. I don’t envy you. Music is such a personal thing, it means different things to different people and often invokes a whole gamut of emotions; everything from joy and elation through to desperation and despair. The last thing that you want is to write a brilliant compare and contrast essay only to have your teacher wind up in tears. That is probably not the best way to get the kind of grade that you are looking for, is it?

So, how do you find a solution to your dilemma? Here’s my list of the most inspiring essays of this nature on music:

  1. At face value they are poles apart, but compare and contrast the similarities between Gospel Music and Blues when looking at topics.
  2. Compare and contrast how music can help troubled young people stay out of a life of crime, as opposed to them pursuing other activities.
  3. Consider the impact of a world devoid of music versus a world full of music.
  4. Investigate the benefits to babies in the womb who are regularly streamed music versus those that are not. Is there any scientific evidence to support this?
  5. Investigate and examine the proven benefits to those who are dying who are played music possibly dating back to their youth, versus those who face a silent end.
  6. Compare and contrast the pros and cons of free music that is universally available to the masses versus music that you pay for and therefore choose what you download.
  7. Music for the soul versus music for the brain.
  8. Music for pleasure versus music for making a living.
  9. Melancholic music versus uplifting popular tunes.
  10. Singing versus orchestral music. Compare and contrast the differences.
  11. Look at and examine the benefits of using music to treat depression rather than giving drugs and medication.
  12. Look at and examine the medieval music of court jesters to the music routinely played by buskers in our streets and subways.
  13. Look at and examine the use of music as propaganda to help win wars versus those governments that don’t use it as a weapon.
  14. Look at and examine the music of ancient nuns like Hildegard of Bingen to the modern day nuns and monks.

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