Medieval Europe

The community of the Medieval Europe grew between the years AD 1000 to 1500. During this time most of the people still worked on the land. There were no established professionals like teaching, lawyer, doctors or even engineers. People used to till on the land for food and the surplus was used for business to buy what you did not have. Despite the lack of established careers, this was the time when towns, castles and cathedrals grew. There was rapid growth of towns and trade during this period. Slowly the traders and the craftsmen in the medieval community began to have some influence to the government. As the exchange of farm goods with the goods of the craftsmen became more dominant, more towns and markets developed. The trade became even more organized as the guilds became responsible of adjusting prices. Government got involved and people were appointed to be collecting taxes.

Work place for women

The place of women and the role they play today is totally different from what it was in the medieval age. Women today can peruse any career of their choice unlike the past when they had their place defined as that of taking care of their families; husband and children. They could not be in any profession rather than that of raising a good and stable family. The role of the husband was to go to work and make sure that they provide for the family. When a woman did all the work of the house hold properly and looked after their husbands needs well, it was only that time that they would be praised. The role of women today is not properly defined and they can be in a career and at the same time take care of their families.

Rights of women in Medieval Europe

Women in that age did not have any rights. For example they could not own any property and even those who owned ancestry property were being forced to give it away. Women were not allowed to vote. They had no chance to decide the number of kids they want in a marriage. Worse still was that they had their role cut out and could not build a career of their own choice. In nutshell the woman of the Medieval Europe was not given any chance to build an independent life. The daughters of kings were married off to other kingdoms so as to connect one kingdom and another. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.