The Effect of Alcohol

It has been found that drinking alcohol affects a human being in many ways. Such effects can be seen in terms of physical and mental changes that lead injury or even death of users as well as other people. Liquor gets enthralled effortlessly into the plasma and then it is carried all over the body. Accordingly, when one takes too much alcohol, many vital organs of the body get damaged.

Excessive liquor is detrimental to the liver, which processes liquor and other poisonous constituents. It has been found that taking too much alcohol for many yours, people develop liver disorders. Such disorders may include liver inflammation, liver scarring or cirrhosis. When the liver is damaged, alcohol is not broken down, and it spreads to other vital parts, including the brain. Liquor leads to impairment of significant intellect portions, which comprise of those that deal with dialogue, movement mechanism, decision, and reminiscence. When such portions are dented, individuals begin having trouble in rambling, garbled dialogue, reminiscence breaks, impetuous conduct, and signs of drunkenness.

Further, long-term excessive drinking causes the shrinking of the anterior sections of the head leading to diminished cognitive aptitude. Longer-term heavy alcohol intake results to damages the heart by resulting to high blood pressure. Hence, this exposes hefty liquor consumers to jeopardies of heart ailments. Liquor also causes the pancreas to yield poisonous affluences that lead to pancreatitis. This is a dangerous kind of inflammation and swelling of blood vessels, mostly in the pancreas area and this prevents ideal digestion from taking place. It has also been found that excessive ingesting of liquor intensifies the possibility of emerging malignances (esophagus, throat, liver, and breast malignance). Intake of too much liquor deteriorates an individual`s immune structure. This makings the body an easier option for disease-causing organisms. Continuing liquor users are more predisposed to ailment contagions, for instance, TB and pneumonia than those who do not ingest much liquor. In consequence, heavy consumption of alcohol in a single occasion reduces the body`s immune system for up to twenty-four years.

In conclusion, too much alcohol consumption is very harmful, and its effects are many. The pancreas, brain, liver, and the heart are as among major organs of the body that are heavy affected by too much alcohol consumption. However, it was found that moderate alcohol drinking is not as harmful as heavy consumption. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.