The 20 Best Sociology Essay Topics For High School Students

Often time picking a topic for a paper is one of the hardest parts of writing it. Use these suggested topics as jumping off points for your next sociology essay:

  1. How has the institution of marriage changed with regards to race in the United States?
  2. What were the major shifts in the American public’s view of transient people from the Great Depression to the time of the Beat Generation?
  3. How has the institution of marriage changed with regards to gender equality in the United States?
  4. How have movies and music expanded the knowledge and use of Black English through white America?
  5. How has the institution of marriage changed with regards to polygamy in the United States?
  6. What was the social effect on the African American community of the United States federal government repealing the ’40 acres and a mule’ policy after the Civil War?
  7. How as the social argument that abortion is murder changed with expanding scientific understanding around fetal development?
  8. Analyze Jonathan Swifts’ ‘A Modest Proposal’ from a sociological point of view
  9. Define and describe the sociology concept of the affluence of despair
  10. How has the lengthening life span of the average American changed how the elderly are portrayed in American media?
  11. What lasting effects did the internment of Japanese Americans have on how that population is portrayed in American media?
  12. How is the proliferation of social media and user generated media changing the predominant view on physician assisted suicide in the United States?
  13. Define environmental racism and provide well known examples of it in modern American history.
  14. How did the American Indian Movement mirror the Black Panther Movement, and what differences, if any, were there in how they were viewed by the American public?
  15. Using polling data, how has the rate of change of public opinion about same sex marriage differed from the rate of change of public opinion about interracial marriage?
  16. Research and describe in detail the socioeconomic demographics of your town.
  17. Examine any changes in how addiction has been seen by the American public through the 20th and 21st centuries
  18. What were the social impacts of Hurricane Katrina on the New Orleans community?
  19. How has the rise of social media changed the social impact of bullying in schools?
  20. Examine the racial and social implication of sentencing guidelines for crack cocain. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.