How To Write A Good Narrative Essay About My First Day At University

A first day at university is always interesting and memorable for students. For this reason, teachers often ask students to express their feelings about this day in narrative papers. While this type of academic papers isn’t very difficult, you should know some basic things before you start writing. Below, there are some tips that will help you compose a great narrative essay about your first day at university.

  1. Learn about your university.
  2. To give your readers a good background about your university, you should do research on it. Learn a little bit about its history and its role in the educational system of the country. Look for famous people who have graduated from your university.

  3. Make a proper outline.
  4. Before writing your paper, it’s advisable to outline it first. Divide your work into separate sections that will cover different parts of your narration. Make sure that the structure of your essay will look solid and logical.

  5. Write the introduction paragraph.
  6. At the beginning of your paper, you should write about your university. Use the information that you’ve gathered during your research. Finish your introduction with a sentence that explains why you’ve decided to choose this particular university.

  7. Write the first body paragraph.
  8. You should start writing your body by describing the morning of that day. Tell how you prepared for your first day at university. Write about the emotions and feelings that you’ve experienced during that morning.

  9. Continue writing the body.
  10. In the following paragraph, you may write about how you arrived at the university. Describe the building of the university and its surrounding area. A good visual description may bring you some extra points to your final score.

  11. Finish the body.
  12. The last body paragraph of your essay should be about actual classes. Write about how you found your classroom and met your new classmates. Describe your impressions from the classes and teachers who conducted them. Tell your readers whether you’ve met classmates whom you really liked and made friends with them.

  13. Write the concluding paragraph.
  14. Summarize the impressions from your first day in the conclusion. Tell what you liked and why. Finish your conclusion by stating that it was a great idea to enter this university and that you’ll do all your best to achieve high results in your studying.

Use these tips when writing your narrative essay on your first day at university. A well written and proofread paper will bring you a high score. Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.