A List Of Intriguing Problem-Solution Essay Topics For College Students

A problem-solution essay will ask you to identify a problem, then provide possible ways to fix that problem, using either outside research or your own ideas, or some combination of both. But what sorts of problems are worth writing about? Here are some handy tips to follow the next time you have to think up a topic for a problem-solution essay for your class!

Make it important. You might have a lot of ideas on how you can get your brother to stop stealing your clothes, or how to get your boyfriend to remember your anniversary, but those aren’t the sorts of problems your teacher is looking for! Instead, look for issues that affect people on a global or national scale, issues that matter to everyone, not just you.

Make it interesting. Choose a current issue, or a hot-button topic to keep your topic modern and interesting. Choose something that speaks to you on some level, or an issue that you are particularly interested in to make the writing process easier.

Here is a list of possible subjects to help you figure out what sort of topics make for good problem-solution essay topics.

  • Homelessness: how can we reduce homelessness?
  • Drug abuse: what are the best ways to approach drug abuse and addiction?
  • Drunk driving: what are some ways to discourage drunk driving?
  • Childhood hunger: what are some solutions to end childhood hunger?
  • Racism: how can we reduce racism in modern society?
  • Sexual violence: what are some ways to prevent sexual violence?
  • Voting: how can the government encourage more people to vote?
  • Global warming: what are some measures we can take to slow or halt global warming?
  • Recycling: what are some initiatives that can encourage people to recycle?
  • Illiteracy: how can we combat illiteracy in our schools?
  • College debt: what are some ways to reduce college debt in America?
  • Unemployment: how can we change the economy to produce more jobs and reduce unemployment?
  • Divorce: what can we do as a society to reduce the rates of divorce?
  • Terrorism: how can we combat terrorism on a global scale? On a national scale?
  • Outsourcing: how can we keep more jobs in the United States, rather than outsourcing them?
  • Obesity: what are some ways to reduce obesity in America?
  • Animal rights: how can we improve treatment of cattle and poultry while still producing enough food? Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.