A List Of Unique Holocaust Essay Topics To Consider

During the Holocaust, an estimated six million Jews were put to death within concentration camps. Another five million people also died within the confines of the camp. To prevent history from being repeated, the Holocaust is still taught within schools. Teachers often assign essays on this topic for students to complete. If the teacher has not provided an exact essay topic, students can use one from this list to write their paper.

Holocaust Topics

  1. Although most people focus on the Jews that died, homosexuals, political dissidents, Romani and Catholics were also put into the camps. Write a paper that covers the criteria for selecting prisoners.
  2. How did a dictatorship develop under the Third Reich?
  3. Hannah Senesh was a fighter with the resistance. Write about her life and work alongside the resistance fighters.
  4. What did the rest of the world think was happening within the concentration camps? Did they know that people were dying?
  5. How did the concentration camps develop?
  6. What happened during the first stages of persecution prior to 1939?
  7. What were the death marches? How many people died?
  8. What was the Jewish Resistance and how did it help bring the war to an end?
  9. What were the mobile killing squads known as the Einsatzgruppen?
  10. Where were the Jewish ghettos established? What was life like in the ghettos?
  11. Who were the non-Jewish Resistance fighters? What were some of their activities?
  12. What was life like after liberation?
  13. Although the Allied version of the war is commonly portrayed, what was life like as a German soldier?
  14. During the war, disabled people were killed in the euthanasia program. How many people died?
  15. What motivated the average German soldier to willingly execute prisoners in the concentration camps?
  16. After the war, many high-ranking German soldiers were tried for war crimes. Write about these trials. Was justice served?
  17. What was Jewish life like in Europe prior to the Holocaust?
  18. How has the Holocaust impacted the Jewish people over the last 70 years?
  19. After the war, many people were kept in Displaced Persons camps because there was not a place for them to go. What was life inside these new camps like?
  20. How did World War II catalyze the Zionist movement? What was the Zionist movement?
  21. What were the methods of extermination used by the Germans?
  22. Sophie Scholl was executed for released anti-Nazi pamphlets. Later, her death was symbolized by the white rose. How did this symbol give German students and medical professionals the bravery to fight against the Nazis?
  23. Was the extermination of the Jews planned by Hitler before the war or was it just a functional way for him to complete his plans? Professional essay services - get your essays written by expert essay writer.